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The Absolute Bartending FAQ

1. What locations do you serve?

We are happy to serve you in Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond, Delta, New Westminster, Surrey, White Rock, Langley, Coquitlam, Maple Ridge, and rest of the Fraser Valley of British Columbia.


2. How many bartenders do I need for my event? 

To best serve your party we recommend 1 bartender for every 70-80 guests.


3. Can you tell me what alcohol/mixers I need to buy? 
Yes, we can! We provide all of our clients with a customized Liquor Shopping List.

4. Do you come with a BAR? 
Yes! For and extra $199+GST/event you can rent one of our Mobile Metal Bar with Wheels and Sink (includes delivery and pickup) for the evening.

5. Are you "Serving It Right" certified? 
Yes, all our bartenders have "Serving It Right" certification.

6. What form of payment(s) do you accept? 
25% deposit to secure your booking payable via our Cheque, e-Transfer, or Visa / MasterCard on Online Payment Gateway.


Final payment would be due at the start of or prior to your event payable via cheque, cash, e-Transfer, Square, or Visa / Mastercard, on our Online Payment Gateway.

7. Do you need a deposit to hold the date?
Absolute Bartending requires a 25% deposit to secure your booking payable via cheque, e-Transfer or Visa / MasterCard on our Online Payment Gateway.

8. Do you provide servers as well? 
We can provide one or more cocktail servers or bussers for your party.

9. What happens if there is no bar in the hall? 
If you are using my free bartending service I will provide one if needed.

10. How much staff do you have at an event?
Recommended Staff to Guests Ratio: 

1-75 GUESTS with 1 Bartender, 

76-150 GUESTS with 2 Bartenders and 

151-225 GUESTS with 3 Bartenders.

11. Do you clean up at all?
We go around during the event clearing tables of cups and bottles throughout the night. The bar is left as it was and all bottles and cans are bagged. We do offer a full venue clean up service after the event at an extra charge.

12. How do you dress?
All staff are professionally dressed in black.

13. What hours are you there?
You let us know at time of booking when the event starts and ends and that’s when we are there. We usually arrive about 1 hour prior to the event to set up so we are ready to go.

14. Who gets the Special Occasion Licence?
You get the Special Occasion Licence. We can assist in the process and can provide the necessary paperwork at anytime.

15. Do you always need a liquor license?
If you are having the event at a private residence you don’t need one otherwise you do.

16. What are the hours the bar can be open? 
Whatever you have on the liquor license for times usually not past 2:00AM. (Some halls have set times an event can go to.) We can't serve beyond the time on the Special Occasion Licence.

17. How much liquor can you have?
That goes by how many people are at the event. We will help you determine the appropriate amount and provide you a full budget for your event.

18. Do you have insurance? 
Yes. We carry a 2 million dollar liability policy.

19. Do I need insurance?
It is a very good idea to buy liquor liability insurance and some halls require you to have it. It is available through any insurance office.

20. What do we have to supply for the bar? 
We supply everything. Bar Kit includes but are not limited to bar mats, bar rags, rimmer, paring knife, wine and bottle openers, shakers, bar wipes and garbage bags.

21. What if we want to have an open bar?
No Problem. We will supply you a complete budget for your event and work out a price for the service.

22. If we have wine for dinner and toasts do you charge a corking fee?
We do not charge a corking fee and will assist with wine service.

23. How much do you charge if I want to keep you for and extra hour?
The rate is $30+GST for each additional hour.

24. Do you supply glassware? 
Yes, we can supply you with all your glassware and would provide a quote based on your specific needs. Highball and wine glassware ($100 refundable breakage deposit required) and it is $1+GST/glass.

25. What if I have a question that I don't see listed here?
No problem! Contact Us.

Absolute Bartending - Bartenders FAQ
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