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The Absolute 
Beer & Wine Service
Absolute Bartending Beer and Wine Service

Creating moments that last a lifetime...

The Absolute Beer & Wine Service

Beer and Wine "BARTENDER BY THE HOUR" Service



  • Bar Kit includes but are not limited to bar mats, bar rags, rimmer, paring knife, wine and bottle openers, shakers, bar wipes and garbage bags.

  • Full clean up of bar and recyclables.

  • Wine corkage and head table/VIP service.

  • Decorative bar menu created and displayed at the bar along with taxi and alternative ways home.

  • Base Rate $250*+GST for the primary Bartender Only - covers the  first 4 hours.

  • $30*+GST/hour for everything over 4 hours for the primary bartender and for all additional bartenders and hours.

  • A 1 hour setup period is required for all bartending events.

  • In some cases a travel fee may apply.

    Absolute Bartending requires a 25% deposit to secure your booking payable via e-Transfer or our Online Payment Gate.

  • Final payment would be due 7 days prior to your event payable via cash, cheque, e-Transfer or Visa / Mastercard with our Online Payment Gateway.

Absolute Bartending Beer and Wine Service
Absolute Bartending Beer and Wine Service

Beer and Wine Party Service includes popular types of beer including ales, lager, stout, varieties of craft beer or keg beer.

Wine selections include a dry white wine, a semi-sweet, a full-bodied red and sparkling wine.

We carry non alcoholic choices for designated drivers and non-drinkers.

Contact us to put togerher the right selection for your event.

Beer and Wine 

Add-On Services


  • Garnishes - lemons, limes, oranges, celery

  • Ice - includes cooler(s)

  • Clear Plastic Solo Cups - 9oz and 12oz

  • Napkins

  • Straws 

  • Bar Table - 2x8’ banquet tables with linen

Absolute Bartending Beer and Wine Service

The Absolute Signature

Cocktail Hour

Recommended Staff to Guests Ratio

1-100 Guests • 1 Bartender

101-200 Guests • 2 Bartenders

201-300 Guests • 3 Bartenders

Absolute Bartending Beer and Wine Service

Additional Information

• Special Occasion Licence
• Online Event Planning Guide
• Absolute Bartending Terms and Conditions


Note: Consultation is required for any event that includes Absolute Bartending purchasing alcohol.

Bartender Service - Pickup, Delivery, and Return of Alcohol
Bar Cash Float Tokens
Bar Guest Credit Card Payment by Square

Additional Guest Services

Pickup, Delivery, and Return of Alcohol 
• Consultation Required 

Guest Credit Card Payments Available through Square • FREE

$400 Cash Float with Tokens • FREE

Fruit infused water station

Fruit Infused Water Station 
• $49*+GST 

Water Station Rental

Water Station Rental 
• $99*+GST

Highball and wine glass rental

Highball and Wine Glassware ($100 refundable breakage deposit required) 
• $1*+GST/glass

Punch Bowl Station Rental

Punch Station Rental 
• $99*+GST

Mobile Bar Rental Surrey Langley Delta Burnaby

Mobile Metal Bar with Wheels and Sink (includes delivery and pickup) 
• $199*+GST

Slurpee Machine Rental

Slurpee Machine (with Juice) 
• $275*+GST

Mocktail Hour Surrey, Langley, Delta, White Rock

Mocktail Bar 
• Consultation Required

De-Alcoholized Drinks

De-Alcoholized Drinks
• Consultation Required

Serving it Right - BC's Responsible Beverage Service Program
Sober Guys - Designated Drive Service
Catering Visions - forking great food
Dang Good Ice
Absolute DJS Vancouver
EmCee Absolute - Master of Ceremonies
Absolute Bartending Vancouver
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