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Beer & Wine Service

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The Absolute Beer & Wine Service

Beer and Wine "BARTENDER BY THE HOUR" Service



  • Bar Kit includes but are not limited to bar mats, bar rags, rimmer, paring knife, wine and bottle openers, shakers, bar wipes and garbage bags.

  • Full clean up of bar and recyclables.

  • Wine corkage and head table/VIP service.

  • Decorative bar menu created and displayed at the bar along with taxi and alternative ways home.

  • Base Rate $250*+GST for the primary Bartender Only - covers the  first 4 hours.

  • $30*+GST/hour for everything over 4 hours for the primary bartender and for all additional bartenders and hours.

  • A 1 hour setup period is required for all bartending events.

  • In some cases a travel fee may apply.

    Absolute Bartending requires a 25% deposit to secure your booking payable via e-Transfer or our Online Payment Gate.

  • Final payment would be due 7 days prior to your event payable via cash, cheque, e-Transfer or Visa / Mastercard with our Online Payment Gateway.

Beer and Wine Party Service includes popular types of beer including ales, lager, stout, varieties of craft beer or keg beer.

Wine selections include a dry white wine, a semi-sweet, a full-bodied red and sparkling wine.

We carry non alcoholic choices for designated drivers and non-drinkers.

Contact us to put togerher the right selection for your event.

Beer and Wine 

Add-On Services


  • Garnishes - lemons, limes, oranges, celery

  • Ice - includes cooler(s)

  • Clear Plastic Solo Cups - 9oz and 12oz

  • Napkins

  • Straws 

  • Bar Table - 2x8’ banquet tables with linen

The Absolute Signature

Cocktail Hour

Recommended Staff to Guests Ratio

1-100 Guests • 1 Bartender

101-200 Guests • 2 Bartenders

201-300 Guests • 3 Bartenders

Additional Information

• Special Occasion Licence
• Online Event Planning Guide
• Absolute Bartending Terms and Conditions


Note: Consultation is required for any event that includes Absolute Bartending purchasing alcohol.

Additional Guest Services

Pickup, Delivery, and Return of Alcohol 
• Consultation Required 

Guest Credit Card Payments Available through Square • FREE

$400 Cash Float with Tokens • FREE

Fruit Infused Water Station 
• $49*+GST 

Water Station Rental 
• $99*+GST

Highball and Wine Glassware ($100 refundable breakage deposit required) 
• $1*+GST/glass

Punch Station Rental 
• $99*+GST

Mobile Metal Bar with Wheels and Sink (includes delivery and pickup) 
• $199*+GST

Slurpee Machine (with Juice) 
• $275*+GST

Mocktail Bar 
• Consultation Required

De-Alcoholized Drinks
• Consultation Required

Serving it Right - BC's Responsible Beverage Service Program
Sober Guys - Designated Drive Service
Catering Visions - forking great food
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EmCee Absolute - Master of Ceremonies
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