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The Absolute Entertainment Director

Absolute Entertainment is proud to have an Elite Team of DJs that are full time entertainers and specialize in not only DJing and emcee work but hosting and event planning. Our focus is to stay ahead of the competition by continually looking for ways to  not only create a unique and epic dance floor but to engage guests throughout the entire reception.


Not everyone can have the distinction of Entertainment Director.


Experience Matters!

Absolute Entertainment Ltd. - DJ Service
All Entertainment Directors must carry the following qualifications:


  • Working 5 years or more in the wedding industry.

  • Work full time as a DJ for a minimum of 3 years.

  • Being the DJ assistant to another Entertainment Director a minimum of 4 times.

  • Maintaining a full time status with Absolute Entertainment.

  • Able to work up to 10 event per month during peak season.

  • Providing DJ Service for no less than 45 events per calendar year.

  • Attending monthly team meetings.

  • Posting a monthly mix and playlist to the Absolute Essentials.

  • Providing input into quarterly Industry Blog Post.

  • Have experience in event planning and service related management.

  • Be a member in good standing with the Canadian Disc Jockey Association.

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