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Creating moments that last a lifetime...

Creating moments that last a lifetime...

Wedding Planner

Enjoy your wedding FREE from worry as we look after every detail! 

You've spent months preparing every important detail for your wedding day – from the flowers and decor to the DJ and late night snack. You've had lots of friends and family members offer their help and support in many areas, but you're realizing that no one truly knows all the details like you do. How are you going to relax and enjoy your ceremony and photo sessions when in the back of your mind you'll be wondering if all the vendors have arrived on time or if the venue has arranged the seating as requested? Maybe the bartenders are lost on route to the venue or perhaps some of your guests are uncertain which room is for your event or where to place their cards and gifts. And why hasn't the guestbook been setup near the entrance yet? 

That amazing family member may have offered to help, but you'd really prefer your guests to enjoy this magical day as much as you are. You'd hate for that special person to have to carry the burden of last-minute troubleshooting – especially when your priceless wedding memories are at risk. 

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"The BIG Day"
Day-of-Wedding Coordinator

Every wedding is unique, so please feel free to contact Laine Ogilvie and she can create a customized day-of coordinator package that fulfills your specific needs. Some of the most common services she'll provide include the following:

  • Meet with you approximately one month prior to the event to confirm vendor list and details.

  • Be available by phone and email during the thirty days prior to the event.

  • Assist with final communication and clarification with vendors.

  • Review your timeline, vendor list and other relevant information to ensure nothing has been overlooked.

  • Create a professional, industry standard production schedule. 

  • Oversee setup of the venue and liaise amongst the stakeholders. 

  • Communicate with the vendors and venue staff to ensure smooth and accurate operations.

  • Provide access to my emergency kit, which contains many little items that are easily forgotten by guests or vendors – from duct tape to dental floss!

  • Other specific tasks as discussed.

  • I'd love to discuss your special day with you in more detail and learn what services would most help you to relax and enjoy this once in a lifetime moment! 

Laine Ogilvie - Memory Laine Events

Meet Event Planner Laine

Memory Laine Events is here to help take the stress out of your planning process, our goal is to make sure you enjoy your day and make memories. We offer a variety of wedding planning services to help suit your needs. While offering our professional vision and scope we are here to help make your dreams a reality while staying on budget. We take away all of the stress helping you to enjoy the wedding process and more importantly enjoy your wedding day.

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