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An insight into the our services and the Absolute Wedding DJ Difference

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Congratulations on your BIG WEDDING DAY!

My name is Mark Vanderende and I am the owner of Absolute Entertainment. Below you will find more information about how we do things a little bit differently.

Music and entertainment is such an important part of any event, and we welcome the opportunity to meet with you to discuss your event in more detail. We can always meet at a place and time that is most convienent for you, and we will take no more than 60 minutes of your time.

You probably have many questions to ask; indeed, we have many questions to ask you, and welcome the opportunity to explain the whole process.

The purpose of our consultation is not for us to sell you anything, or to convince you how great, or how big and loud our speakers our... it is to get to know each other, and to learn more about the vision you have for your Wedding Day.

At the end of our meeting, our hope is, you will feel comfortable in allowing us the opportunity to present an Entertainment Experience for your wedding day. We will provide you a fee for our services along with a contract to review. No pressure, no hidden fees, and no cheesy sales tactics... we promise.

The best part is, drinks will be on us.

At Absolute Entertainment we offer many different experiences to meet your vision and budget. Please feel free to contact us so we can start customizing an experience that is "Uniquely You"... Prices start at $699.

We are all full time professional disc jockeys / MCs and have been preforming at wedding celebrations for over 5 years.

At Absolute DJS we pride ourselves on quality over quantity.

We do not over book our services and in the case we are all booked, we promise to work with you to find the perfect DJ. We have built a network of DJs and Wedding Vendors we trust and work with on a regular basis. We treat your wedding like its our own and regardless wether you book directly with us, or we helped you find that perfect DJ, we will follow up to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Please feel free to also check out our Peace of Mind Guarantee.


Here is a little overview of some of our unique services.

  • Know who your DJ before you book. (This is in our opinion, so important.)

  • Personalized and Professional service from the day you book. Includes unlimited consultations with not only you but anyone that is connected to success of your wedding.

  • Your DJ will be able to create an Entertainment Timeline that brings energy and flow from the moment your first guests arrive.

  • Extensive music knowledge and library of a all genres of music. Your DJ will know “How to Play”, “What to play”, and “When to Play” the music. Your grandma to your best friend will have an equally amazing time.

  • Event Entertainment Coordinator - Your DJ will make sure that the event transitions and flows properly from start to finish and coordinate with all parties involved in the your celebration.

  • Custom Clear Sound - Your sound system will be designed with your floor plan in mind and your guests enjoyment. Everyone will be able to hear clearly all those special moments.

  • Custom Lighting - That will match the wedding decor, colours and vision. This will include not only the dance floor but for the entire venue. (Make your venue pop with properly placed uplights.)

  • Professional gear - That is properly set up to look flawless (No wires showing and proper tape when needed.).

  • You can expect your DJ to spend about 15-20 hours preparing for your wedding and even more if he is your Master of Ceremonies.

  • All our experiences come with a Peace of Mind Guarantee.

More than just DJs. Just a few of the not so little extras that sets Absolute DJS apart...

  • Master of Ceremonies - Being a Master of Ceremonies is more than just talking on the microphone. It's understanding and performing as a spokesperson for the "Stars of the Show" with eloquence and style. From the moment your first guest arrives your Master of Ceremonies directs, informs, and guides the entire evening. He or she is not only the face, but the heart of your Wedding Celebration.​ Its also a privilege and honour.

  • The "Party Blast" - Start the dance floor of with a blast in a unique way that only the Absolute Team can deliver.

  • Customized audio edit - During a special dance, personal voice recordings are inserted into the original song to create a something so unique there won’t be a dry eye in the room (ex. your wedding vows). Another example of an audio edit would be a signature first dance, icebreaker games, or your fan fare grand entrance.

  • Personalized Gobo and Uplighting - Nothing makes a room pop more than up lights that match your decor and vision. Along with amazing decor lighting have your names or graphic projected on the dance floor, wall, or backdrop.

  • All your "Signature Moments" put together create "The Experience" that you and your guests will remember for a lifetime. We bring all these moment to life.

Take a look at some of our Entertainment Add ons and Extras.


"It's not what we do, it's how we do it that creates truly unique Wedding Celebrations."


A Wedding Celebration doesn't just start when the first dance is over and the house lights go down. From the moment your family and friends arrive our focus is to create energy and to bring two awesome families together with creative planning. Your vision is everything and is what makes your wedding "Uniquely You". w

Having an energized and engaged group by the time the dance floor opens is not only the key to a successful wedding but makes for an awesome late night party your guests will never forget.

We have the Experience, a solid Industry Reputation, and the Creative ability to make your wedding truly unique and unforgettable.

I would be happy to talk more these and all our unique entertainment services when we have the pleasure of meeting.

Mark Vanderende

DeeJay Absolute / Owner / Entertainment Director and Wedding Specialist

C: 778-882-1236

"DJing is not just about choosing a few good tunes. It is about generating shared moods, its about understanding the feelings of a group of people and through creativity of music and skill directing them to a better place."

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